Estimating your property

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When you entrust your sale to SWITCH Immo, the value of your property is determined with you after visiting the property by our experienced team.

The real estate estimation is based mainly on two elements :
• The property’s own characteristics
(year of construction, state of the property, levels, surface, number of rooms, division, exhibition, quality of finishes…)
• The environment of the property
(neighborhood, accessibility, proximity to transport, shops, facilities around the building…)

To provide you with the most accurate and reliable estimate of your property, SWITCH Immo calculates the value per square meter of your home or building, and then adjusts this price based on the characteristics of your property.

In the same city, you can see differences between neighborhoods but also from one street to another. The environment, the attractiveness of the area, the notoriety of the neighborhood, the presence of local shops, good schools, the feeling of security, the prospects for the development of the territory,… All these factors have an influence on the setting of the sale price or rental price and will therefore be included in the estimation of your property. We are here to guide you and share our real estate experience with you.